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August 19th, 2:23 pm


As everyone seems to be on holiday, we thought we'd run a competition to see your best holiday photo. Anything Marillion related would be even better! EDIT POST - IT SEEMS OUR PAGE IS SET TO NOT ALLOW PHOTOS TO BE PUBLISHED - WE ARE TRYING TO FIND A WAY ROUND THIS. ... See moreSee less


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Well that's didn't work did it! Us mere musicians had no idea you couldn't post photos.....Off to ask our social media team if they have an answer. Stay tuned:)

What if I have Holidays on October 🙃

Vineparty (Weinfest!)in Volkach/Bavaria! With our caravan and the beautiful Canibal Surf Babe Towel!

yeah...oops? anyways, can one consider the center of Times Square to be "The Fantastic Place", 'cause that's where I was last week. :)

How about a group photo of our Cannibalsurfparty 2019?

Sadly no holiday this year so none to post anyway.😥

Here I am with my daughter, at the M&M store, while we were vacationing in New York City. Recognize the shirt? Doh! I can't seem to attach the pictures.

Here's a picture of me at "Social media for beginners" summer camp.

And it's my birthday that weekend 😊

No holiday as my two friends and myself are spending the money on seeing you at Southend instead 😊

Holiday? I wish... 😕

Amo vocês, venham para o Brasil!!!❤️❤️❤️

I don't have holidays as all mine are spent seeing you lot and also to pay for it 🤓

Imagin the scene... Turquoise blue waters gently lapping against a golden beach, fringed by lucious palm trees... a man... myself...reclined on a gently swaying hammock strung between two of those glorious curving palms, finishes another chapter of 'Do I Owe You Money'. Placing the book down on an adjacent cane table he picks up a coconut filled with chilled Pina Colada and sips at it through a paper straw ... he gazes into the distance and imagines that this is what it must be like to be an internationally famous Rock Drummer.... then with a jolt as if hit by a tsunami he is lurched back to reality as his wife yanks the covers from him and says ''are you not going to work today you lazy git?''.

Ok someone at Marillion will need to change the settings as we mere mortals cant post photos on here...! ;-)

How about a prize for us poor sods who can't afford a holiday? 😂

We can’t post any pictures

Cannot post photos!

Bergamo skyline with a little bit of Marillion Weekend UK... www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2471351596244529&set=pcb.2451429991570023&type=3&theater

Somehow it is not possible to answer this post with posting any photo’s at all. I guess that’s a technical something... 🙄🤔😉

The holiday’s in (Sw)eden will win far out, i guess..

I'm at work, though

Marillion-related: Photo taken in Cocoa Beach, FL the day after working with Pete Trewavas, Rick Armstrong and Eric Blackwood for the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Edison's Children concert. www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157092647781777&set=t.612031776&type=3&theater

A Mountain isnt far to fall..... Austria!

Lake District - Coniston Water last Saturday...

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