“It's always a struggle, To let somebody go, It's a natural desire, To own your lover, I know...”Fantastic Place
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February 18th, 6:32 pm


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#marillion #grandrapids #marillionbeer #thankyou


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It looks like you have a few dates left on your American tour, perhaps you would consider a perspective from a long time fan that has spent a lifetime working in a parallel lane to your industry. Not playing a single track from Clutching at Straws, and not playing Kayleigh; comparatively speaking is the same as Pink Floyd not playing anything from The Wall, or Money from the Dark Side of the Moon. The age old saying comes to mind... know your fans, know your market. Mr. Hogarth, Fish has nothing on you... your vocals and performance are unparalleled. That said, if you want people to fully appreciate you for the talent you truly are while the 'vs. Fish' debate continues to this day, maybe give them a chance to sing Sugar Mice along with you.

It was a great concert last night !! You all play amazingly.

Awesome show tonight guys! First time seeing you live and what a joy. Great musicianship all around. Fan for life.

Excited to see this band for the 4th time. This time I'll bring a daughter! Tempus Fugit!

Thank you for a a wonderful show. You sing to my soul.

Midi triggers pre-installed?

Tap handle or mash paddle? Lol

GR knows their beer!

We're on our way!

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February 18th, 9:29 am


#marillion #bandandcrew #ustour2018 ... See moreSee less

#marillion #bandandcrew #ustour2018


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Welcome to Chicago. See you on Monday.

That's the way to say...We all to getter..

Captain Ian at the helm 🎼

We really enjoyed the show in Buffalo on Thursday night. Can't wait for the next time you come our way!

This looks like a School Dinner Table🤣🤣🤣

See you in Brighton! Got last ticket - restricted view but that don’t affect my ears!

love how Mr President is at the head of the table...

Thank you all for all you do to make these dream nights come true for us fans! Be safe and huge hugs. I wish I could make it this go around. 😘

Was unable to do the cruise or hit Atlanta hoping you will be back soon. Huntsville, Alabama

so we hope you all decide to visit israel this summer..

What an amazing collective! Thanks for being here in the US.

Guys id like to make you aware that ive purchased the F.E.A.R cd twice in Australia and both copies were faulty... the cd jumps around the 3min mark of the second song. I believe it must be something wrong with the pressing or the manufacturing process in Australia. It sux...can't even find it on other stores. Anyway...come to Australia so i can hear those songs live.

Great show in Royal Oak friday night... was so awesome to see you all live again!!!!!!!

Three more days til the Granada in Dallas!!! Maybe we can all sing “I was born with a heart of Midlothian!”

Can't wait for the show tonight in Grand Rapids, super excited!

el presidente on head of the table.. 😎

I have tickets for St Charles and can’t go. So bummed.

Please come to Australia, we need a dose of Marillion here :-)

Board meeting?

Roll on York 😁

Thank you all for coming to the US, it made my year

Anyone who wants more coffee say aye!

Can't wait to see you at Bristol. Xxxx

Is it a glass of milk, Ian?!

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February 17th, 9:34 pm


#marillion #dayoff #I’m having trouble remembering the launch codes #ustour2018 ... See moreSee less

#marillion #dayoff #I’m having trouble remembering the launch codes #ustour2018


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I understand President Trump had a bowling score computer installed in the Oval Office for just this purpose!

You are just in Orlando. If it weren't for your tight schedule you could've bolted over to the space center and gotten them from Elon's team.

Mark has looked the same since about 1994. Has he discovered the Fountain Of Youth?

When Apple and Moog collaborated, it was a confusing time for many.

Bowling score device. I'm sure a little hack and a midi and you'd probably get a crude Fairlight out if that for a few drops of liquid metal.

Mark in the final phase of his plan to take over the music channels and broadcasting the amazing sound of Marillion whilst eradicating the Simon Cowells of the world

Is Mark thinking like Bruce 'Air raid siren' Dickinson. What does this button do?

Nicholas Matthew Mills, you shaved your head for charity or are you moonlighting on keyboards for the legendary Marillion ?

I thought Mark was good with keys...?


Great Show last night in Royal Oak! Thanks it was everything I expected it should be. Great Sound, tight band, and awesome music. Brilliant, truly Brilliant.

You were great last night in Royal Oak (or Pontiac or Detroit). Lol

I’d rather Mr Kelly with his finger on the button than Trump!

As all of us in Grand Rapids try to figure out if it's a bowling alley here in town.. lol

Just revived fear. It’s magnificent thank you so much. I missed your concerts but a good album and a beer can do magic. I play so it’s like so good to play along with this. Omg thank you All for not giving up. It’s a craft it’s a calling it’s in our blood. God bless music.

dude, that's why you keep a keyboard tech with you. delegate and go get another beer...(oh, sorry, did that bring bad too many bad memories of Durham?). :)

You didn’t miss any launch codes at the concerts! Great shows on cruise ship, Plaza Live in Orlando and at the Carolina Theater just 15 mins from our home!

This may one of the greatest pictures ever of one of my most influential musicians.

All of the bowling balls must be H's heart, seeing as how they roll back from the end of the lanes

You have exactly 80 days and 100 nights to figure it out ;)

Rather you than some of the people who might happen on remembering. :-D

Being a lifelong bowler and a long time Marillion fan, this shot makes me happy. Have a great day Mark.

Looks like you're trying to get an Fm7 out of that.. Old habits..

Those people behind you have know idea...


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February 16th, 6:05 pm


Buy or sell tickets via: The Marillion Ticket Repository

Marillion - Live in Birmingham - SOLD OUTApril 14, 2018, 7:00pmSymphony Hall BirminghamBuy or sell tickets via: www.facebook.com/groups/412145219130079/
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Marillion - Live in Birmingham - SOLD OUT


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Great to see the group being officially promoted. Best group ever, have bought, sold and given tickets away on it ❤️

Montpellier? When you want....

Banda de minha juventude!

I'm going!😊

February 14th, 11:23 pm


#marillion #dayoffbuffalo #markkelly #cold #tourlife ... See moreSee less

#marillion #dayoffbuffalo #markkelly #cold #tourlife


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God, I'm really sorry your day off had to occur in Buffalo! I'll be coming from Toronto, and rushing back to Toronto from Buffalo the following morning.

Get that fellah some head covering! Stat! 😎

You on the US or Canadien side Mark?

Looking forward to the show tomorrow night! First time I've seen you guys live since the Season's End tour, and that wasn't yesterday. You could say I've been incommunicado 😄

Long shot but does anyone have a spare ticket they can sell me for Birmingham? In box me please if so...

See you in Dallas, Mr. Kelly!

I hear that Marillion.com does a very fine line in hats. #justsayin

Hey Mark I didn't get a chance to say hello and thanks to you guys last night. Thanks for the Greensburgh show. I'm back home in Ohio now. It was only a two and a half hour drive so it was totally worth it. It was my 13th Marillion show and fantastic. Good luck on the rest of the tour Mad Jack! :)

Where's your hat?

You guys slayed the joint in greensburg! Thank you all for coming!!!

Note to selves: Buffalo is a lot nicer in the summertime...

...And awesome sandwiches from Charlie the Butchers! Thursday's special is prime rib. Great stuff! Nice picture, btw!

You're looking well mate! Been a long time eh! 😁

Mr. Kelly, outstanding show in Orlando. Enjoyb the rest of your jaunt across NA.

About to say the same..brain freeze of a different kind..where's your beanie?!

Wonderful night at the palace in greensburg, you guys were fantastic, oh yea please return

Very Disappointed there is no boston show


Are you at Niagara Falls?

Psst get pizza from moma Mia's

Tastenfluesterer :)

it'll get better. then worse. then better. then worse.

Gut gehalten....😊💕....

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February 14th, 11:18 pm


#marillion #tourlife #niagarafalls #stevehogarth ... See moreSee less

#marillion #tourlife #niagarafalls #stevehogarth


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You guys need to go visit a small winery called Back 10 Cellars! Delicious wines and say hi to my daughter Laurianne that works there! Enjoy your stay in Canada as always

"You never knew power, did you? Thought it roared like Niagara Falls"

H!!! Marillion Is the best!! Great pic, When you come back to México? we miss you!!

Welcome to Western NY, soooo excited for tonight’s gig! Was at the Leicester weekend last year & it was AWESOME. Be great if you can include Sugar Mice & Man of a thousand faces tonight!!! Cheers Dave (Debs non Facebook husband lol)

waiting to see you in Dallas next week, CAN'T WAIT! I flew to see you in Baltimore a few years back, you guys and your music is fantastic!! Prog-ON!!

That's a small waterfall. You must come back to Brazil, make a pit stop in Rio for a concert and then head to Foz do Iguaçu. This is a real waterfall!!! :)

The band can stay at my parents place...they are out of town lol.

De quoi vous inspirer a new great album (suis je le seul français à vous suivre?)

Not quite Niagara but I just got my tickets to see you in Gateshead in April on the Tyne :-)

great work with the selection of cities for this tour! I'm bummed that I can't get out of EASTERN New York to see you guys, but there will always be next time. At least for this one, a bunch of people get to see an event that doesn't come around every year...

Hi, to guys were amazing on Cruise to The Edge! Looking for to seeing you again!!!

I love Niagara Falls. I visit quite often as it close to home. A few weeks ago the falls were frozen. It was very beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

Just down the road from where I live. :) Can't wait for tomorrow night!

Love it there, right up the street there is an awesome traditional German resturant... Awesome

someone say that you going to visit ISRAEL soon. good news

Be carefull, there is a hole, like at Marillion weekend holland :)

Great show in Greensburg PA! Thanks for accepting our request for Easter.

'I turned and there was this black wall of water...'

Last time I was there the selfie wasn't really a 'thing '.

On the Canadian side I see. I love that place. It is especially beautiful at night in the winter when they light it up

The Canadian side is prettier.

"Thought it roared like Niagara Falls..." 😁

If you get to Plymouth Rock Give us a shout !!

New album cover right there like somewhere else.

Nice..come at miami To meet me...it s warmer..

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February 13th, 7:51 pm


#marillion #USA2018 #stevehogarth #tourlife ... See moreSee less

#marillion #USA2018 #stevehogarth #tourlife


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Ozark Mountain Daredevils - early 70's southern/country rock band - "if you want to get to heaven" take a listen - your thank me for it 👍

Good show in Orlando! Otto from Norway.

Can't wait for tonight's concert!

See you Thursday!

The concert in Atlanta was fabulous. The band is in great form, and as always, Mr. Steve Hogarth put his all into every song he sang. Looked like they had fun and the crowd certainly had fun and was well entertained. Rock on Marillion!!!

I hope the rest of the Tour is a good as Durham last night !!

Amaaaaazing show in Orlando💃🏼THANK YOU for sharing your gift 🙏🏻

Great show tonight in Greensburg! Checked a setlist someone grabbed and it had This Strange Engine on it. Bummed you dropped it, and replaced The Great Escape with Easter (whoever yelled for Easter sure is lucky you guys are so accommodating to switch things up on a dime!), but I got to hear The Leavers, Seasons End, and Kayleigh, so it was more than worth it!

What was up with the keyboard Hogarth was playing being set up so low to the ground? In other videos it’s never been that low...any info? @Durhamshow

Saw you guys in Atlanta and Durham -Great Shows

Miss you here in Mexico City, we love you guys!

Steve Hogarth I love you!

Band named by Tolkien book?

Are you in Greensburg yet? I live 2 miles away - can I come early and get autographs? :)

I really wish Marillion would play in Glasgow again someday.

Steve,tellement merveilleux et chanteur talentueux, une belle personne.. Quand tu prends ton air de star !!

Kirsteen Lemon had a few good gigs in steve h’s company.👍👍

Hang in there...it's a hard live I see. See y'all in Tovoli ♡

Wish you were coming to Portland.

that company has a good gig! ozarkmtnleasing.com/

Drive careful to MICHIGAN.


H is a little daredevil. 🙂

Wow wow wow!!!!!

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