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March 29th, 1:58 pm


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Ian is the whole reason I became a drummer.. while for many drummer friends it was always Bohnam, Peart, etc. I'd listen to Marillion.. put my headphones on and I learned every song on drums.. all this at the tender ages of 13 to 16.. I've had a 30 year drumming career now, and it's owed to this brilliant man!

Great message, very great Indeed. The throw with the sticks is fabulous, very fabulous Indeed! Never seen drummers do this bedoel this way. It’s a way of living! Good way, great way!

Tee hee you dropped your sticks. In 1985 you played in Waterloo Ontario Canada 🇨🇦 and showed me your drums after the show. Great for a young drummer, and I’m still drumming. You’re one of the nicest guys on earth sir. Thank you.

Looks like you need to work on your “stick visuals”. There are lots of DCI videos that can help with that.

Super - Please will give us more lessons 🙂

Fun, so effortless, like breathing. Ian is a master.

Dam you looked just like Joe Biden there for a second....

Love it, lesson number one complete.

to the rythm of 'keep your distance, keep your distance, keep your distance'

Thanks Ian, you just made my day! 😄

Perfect and tomorrow Paraddidle !!!😉

Love it. Real musicianship.

DEFINITELY put that in the next album.

Excellent - more rudiments please 👍👍👍

Sounds like my drilling machine with percussion mechanism...but less dirty :-)

Awesome. Thanks Ian!!! Next up is Rothery and Pete performing dueling banjos! :)

Hi Ian. Have a nice day. Greetings from Leeds.

Nice to see you Ian! 💞 I want to try that now!!

Thought that was his sun glasses stand

Awesome!!!my favourite drummer!!!

2 stroke roll (mammy daddy)

Hello from Montreal! 🌈❤️

Finally! A drum solo from Mr President!!!!

Get the pots and pans out folks!

Hello Ian!

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March 28th, 4:48 pm


Sending a virtual hug to the world today. We hope you are all holding it together.

Next week we are going to run a few competitions to keep you entertained and we might even do a live online Marillion quiz!

Lots of you have been asking us to do a live stream gig but that’s not possible, but hopefully we can find other other ways to entertain each other.

Let’s start by everyone posting a picture of where they are isolating. We will post ours tomorrow:).

Stay safe and healthy.
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isolated but safe with the family in Germany, in the middle of the Corona hotspot but full of positive energy and positive thoughts. always good food, good wine and a great family around us. Oh yes and good music from a "Scottish Heavy Metal Band" 😘. Stay healthy !

I am one of the many still working to get people through this, so I'd like to give a big shout out to all my fellow rail workers and to everyone in the food supply chain, especially those running local shops or working in bigger stores, and all the volunteers doing the unseen work. NHS staff I doff my cap. Stay safe and healthy people 🙏

Sending best wishes to everyone out there. I am working every day for the NHS in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 providing our amazing frontline staff with the technology they need to keep people safe and well. So proud of what we're doing and what others are doing all over the world. We will beat this #stayathome #savelives

No photos allowed, but in my bedroom in cornwall whilst the rest of my family stay away from me as I have symptoms

Please all send your love to Iain Harry Hanlon who’s gran sadly passed away today. She was a very strong lady who battled on much longer than she should have, love you pal ❤️💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

I didn’t get an option to upload a picture for some reason. Cut and paste didn’t work either. Anyhoo, I’m isolating with the family here in Baltimore MD. Best wishes for continued health to the Marillion worldwide!

Sofia, Bulgaria, listening to my favorite song from my favorite Marillion album Afraid Of Sunlight - Beautiful. Your concert in Roman Theater in Plovdiv back in 2017 is engraved in my heart, your music gives me strength to go through bad times. I haven't seen my daughter and my brother for 16 days now and I'm broken. We live in the same city and I can't hold them... Stay safe and healthy, much love to all of you ❤️

Isolating alone, but have my dog Tiffany with me. She's forced to listen to my marillion chill out play list🐕🙄☺️ she doesn't mind though as long as she with me. I'm a psychotherapist working on Skype with my clients. 🤗 So needed right now.

Hope all of you are safe & well! I'm in the beautiful Hudson Valley in Dutchess County, NY. The trees are still bare & it's rainy here today but nice & relaxed after a long day of work!

We live in Lombardia, 🇮🇹 near to Milan, the "red zone" of Italy, yesterday 1000 deaths in a day... We're living in fear, but we... keep fighting with love and faith, with love of Marillion music. Thank you. We come together ❣ Sorry but this post doesn't allow photos 😥

Listening your music it is a great gift in this situation. I love you all. I am SILVIA from MEXICO city

Greetings to the Marillion Family all over the world from tiny tiny village Wied/Westerwald in Germany! Hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy ❤️! Currently spending most of my time with 3 adorable Collie Dogs, jogging, gardening and having a lot of good red wine 🍷 and whisky 🥃!

Yay! Thank you all. We all need to come together and be positive! At home in Llandudno. Lucky we live next to the beach for our exercise - it's a salvation!

I'm working my ass of. I'm bookkeeper and several customers had to close their company because they can't keep a safe distance between them (hairdresser, a dance school for example). Now they need me to get the help from the government to pay the salary of the personnel. This is all extra above the regular work on this time of the year is that the annual accounts and the fiscal declarations. Since the beginning of this year I haven't had a proper weekend of doing nothing for 2 days. Last week I had only 7 hours of sleep in 48 hours. Not complaining. It is what it is. But don't say you're making good money. A lot of what I do not won't be invoiced. And I rather see that my customers have a great turnover by themselves. Greetings from Bergambacht in the Netherlands.

I’m being very careful, keeping very isolated and looking after my 91 year old mum, missing seeing my daughter, her partner and my granddaughter, thankful for FaceTime. Keeping amused photographing the garden birds!

Still working. But evenings and weekends are here alone in my flat in Redfield, Bristol. Its my birthday today and it sucks not being able to go anywhere or see anyone. #staysafe

Much love to the Marillion Family, wherever you all may be!!! Coming to you live from Baltimore, USA!

Lucy Jordache Marillion Something I've seen another band do quite well: one band member records some songs on their own, then sends it to the next band member, who records themselves playing, singing and even joining the banter between songs; then some whizz combines the two videos side-by-side. It wasn't perfect but it was a lot of fun. Could a couple of the boys have a crack at that? Even just for one song? Or get them all to do it for just one song, like a musical pass-the-parcel only with layers getting added? Even something silly like the Christmas messages would be cool. Just a thought. Stay safe. (The watch party was great BTW)

Greets from the Netherlands Schiedam, not in quarantaine, working hard as a nurse 💪

Sending you all my love from Thessaloniki Greece feeling grateful that this nightmare we 're living came 3 months later from those "out of the world" concerts in Royal Albert Hall, that I was lucky to enjoy!♥️

I'm so sad 😟 I had to cancel my preorder for your next deluxe vinyl box (and all my other orders for that matter) as I have to cope with a huge wage cut from April on because of this virus (bread winner for two). I'd rather have music than enough food at this stage but food is so existential for the two of us. Damn.....

A big virtual hug to you all from a rather cloudy Newport Pagnell. Luckily, your glorious music always makes a day seem sunnier.

No isolation. I am still working. Inspection of trees. Outside. Alone. Sending lots of love to everyone!🌳❤

Isolating in a pub/Hotel in Padstow Cornwall I run. I'm with 4 others that work here too. At least I get a beer when I want and have a good sound system in the bar to play all one tonight.

Stakeford Northumberland with all the pets... Stay safe ❤️❤️

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March 27th, 12:48 pm


An early listening session has become my morning ritual and I'm really enjoying what we have to work with on this album. 40 years and we haven't lost it yet:) Stay healthy. from Pete. ... See moreSee less

An early listening session has become my morning ritual and Im really enjoying what we have to work with on this album.  40 years and we havent lost it yet:)  Stay healthy.  from Pete.


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Had a massive offday yesterday... Feeling crap and down.... So took my JBL speaker, sat in my garden and just listened to my favorite Marillion songs... I felt so much better after that👍thanks for all your great music

I have followed you through every album since the early 80s. Had the pleasure of seeing you live in Boston! You are the best band in the world and hope you guys keep rockin out those songs and albums! Porcupine Tree is my second favourite band ever, too bad they split up. Between Marillion and PT the world has been a great place for me because of you all. Be well my friends!!

great to hear... stay healthy as well .. looking forward to the next live show with you and we all will realise at this point of time that it is a special gift if we are able to meet each other to listen to your music ..it was always special since the first concert 1985 but the next show will special in another way

The soundtrack of my life, Marillion!

Playing the soothing and familiar songs from Ghosts of Prpiyat to get me through the day. Striking how that cover photo now almost resembles cities worldwide. Stay well Pete, hope to see all of you live again soon.

Ooooh! That's so lovely of you to update us, literally said to my friend yesterday that I wondered how you were getting on with new album. So excited to have this to look forward to, even more so we're in a new world 😔😍😍😍💕

Stay safe all of you! We need you! I'm sure the next album will surprise us even more than FEAR. I wonder whether you can possibly realise that you are quintessential in our everyday lives. And at present times it is even more so. Thank you!

Looking forward to the new album - you guys make music that gets us through these awful times - stay safe 🖖🎹🎼🥁🎸

Just knowing you guys are chipping away at a new album for the future offers a glimmer of light in these strange times. Stay safe and healthy👍

You are all constantly surprising us from album to album! Heartening to hear you are panning for gold and there is a rich seam...To be mined! Hoping everyone stays Healthy and Safe!

Can`t wait!!! Bring it on, Sir :-) Take care and stay healthy. Here`s to many more albums from possibly the best band in the world ❤️

Stay healthy Pete and enjoy making more beautiful music!

It's a long and painful thing waiting for your new music and tour but the most important thing is that the music gets finished and eventually we see you again, all involved in Marillion stay safe stay healthy ❤️❤️

thank you very much Pete I look forward to the next album by then take care of yourself

Pete, you are one of my favorite bass players in the world. I can’t wait for the next album. Take care and be well!

Good to see you Pete. Glad to hear you are pleased with the work being done on the new album. Keep safe xx

Love it Pete. More to the point you haven't run out of ideas or passion to make music we all love. This new album will be for a bright new world and new beginnings guys

Maybe it will turn into a quadruple album if you're all locked away! Let us know when we can pre order and I look forward to seeing you guys again when it's all safe outside. Stay safe guys!

I'm certainly looking forward to the next Marillion installment..followed since the Fish days, and every Album is it's own unique masterpiece. Now crack in guys, stay safe, and have a tidy up in that room you scruffy devil.😊

aw c'mon guys, throw us a little tidbit. Even your raw demos or works in progress sound great and to the uninitiated sound complete.<3

Looking forward to some new music and no you guys haven't lost it you just keep getting better x

You too Pete Stay safe You guys are amazing I've been listening for 40 years and you guys are like a fine wine Better with age Be well

Looking forward to the new album ☺️☺️. For all of you: stay healthy 😘😘😘😘

Pete, that sounds wonderful. But, I can't help but mourn our cancelled cruise. It would be wonderful to be sailing in the Caribbean, in an alternate universe where we aren't all worried about being infected and some of us not surviving it. Until late June when the worst of this is behind us all, I'll be listening to Marillion and dreaming of that Fantastic Place.

Looking good Pete! :) Keep on keeping on! These are the FEAR days ...

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