2 June 2022
Weekends 2022 - UK - Thanks From Pete
Hello Everyone,
Our Leicester weekend came to a dramatic close on Sunday evening and, just like that, we are over half-way though this year's conventions. As I look back, so far each one has been its own unique success. 
On behalf of the band, thank you all for making each night so very special for us. Leicester with its beautiful setting of De Montfort Hall was a bit of a fan-favourite this year, so it’s fortunate we decided to have the gifted Tim Sidwell and his amazing crew come along with their cameras to capture the event.
...and to that end, we're excited to bring the power and emotion of the evening to you, "as live", from 7pm (UK Time) on Friday 3rd June for one week only, in The Space.
The show will premiere at 7pm (UK Time) tomorrow night with some exclusive pre-show content filmed over the weekend, followed by the full performance of the album from the evening. The whole programme will remain available to view for a full 7 days for those purchasing on-line access to the stream in The Space.
Please note that being a ticket holder for the shows in Leicester unfortunately does not grant you access to the stream and access needs to be purchased separately.
Full details are available on The Space here - 
We hope to "see" you all there.
And speaking of Leicester, we're also pleased to announce that the release of the Marillion Weekend 2019 (part of which was filmed / recorded at the Leicester Convention) is now available from the Racket Shop.
The Racket Records Staff