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Greetings from Castle Frankenstein!!
This email is being written in a warm cloud of heady good feeling, gratitude and, dare we say it, no little pride.
Yesterday we took the Prog mag award for "Best Live Event" for our Marillion weekends this year. We were up against some heavy-hitters (Kate Bush and King Crimson no-less) so the win is most flattering. It happened of course because you came out in force and voted for us. Many, many thanks for that. Everyone here - band, crew, production staff and weekend organisers - are all very chuffed and we'll stick it with the other one! Obviously we're holding out for next year's Oscar for our performance in the Pledge pre-order horror-movie. And while we're on the subject...

Huge thanks once again to everyone who has ALREADY pre-ordered our next album (currently working-titled M18 for all you folks in Yorkshire and Humberside. Don't panic - it'll change). The feedback we're getting through the networks has been amazing. It's always dizzying to watch you react to our news with such energy and commitment. Thanks for understanding our decision to move forward with Pledgemusic for this project. Although together you and we INVENTED the pre-order concept, our success had literally outgrown our operation and we were worried that if we expanded the business any further, we'd have to take our eye off the main thing - the music. The people at Pledge are a good bunch - we're confident they won't let us down.

Work on the new record continues apace now and all five of us are excited about what we have so far. We haven't been as collectively fired up about a record at this stage of its conception for a very long time. Everyone's constantly chipping in with good ideas and Mr Hunter at the helm is doing a great job filtering, focussing and catalysing our creativity. We have never assembled so many hours of jamming for a piece of work. When you finally hear what we have for you next year, we hope you'll agree the wait has been worth it.
Good times in plenty at the moment then for Marillion.
Love and glamour
h, Ian, Mark, Steve, Pete
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Victor CortesThanks for the info; only a question if possible...will be a DVD-BLURAY of 2015 Marillion Weekend? Cheers and waiting any info :D23 hours ago   ·  3
Jennifer SweetCongratulations to Marillion and all of the management and staff who work so hard at putting these amazing weekends together. You all create such a magical place. Thank you <322 hours ago   ·  3
Rudy van IJzendoornYou guys are the shizzle! So excited with the prospect of new Marillion music coming next year! Maybe a US tour would be possible? Pretty please?22 hours ago   ·  1
Marillion Weekend 2015 Feature DocumentaryFollowing the brilliant news, we're locked in the edit creating a feature documentary all about this (now) award winning event! I can't say much other than it's going to be a pretty special project - scoot on over to our page (www.facebook.com/marillionweekend2015featuredoc) to keep updated ... meantime big love to our friends near Aylesbury - and well done!17 hours ago   ·  1
Geert van der PlasCongrats! Well deserved. This year's weekend was the greatest live performance I've seen since... well, the previous Marillion weekend! Can't wait to hear the new album!22 hours ago
Dave CollopyGreat news! Pledge Music also an excellent choice. Have used before for Vertical Horizon and was a great experience.21 hours ago
Cynthia Ann Wallace LonieNo joke, I had only been a cursory fan until about a year ago. Kayleigh and Sugar Mice had been hanging about on my Spotify playlists. Then I discovered the rest of your music, thanks to the much-cursed Spotify, and it has changed my life, for the better. I've even turned my prog disliking husband into a fan (even though as a Kiwi, he thinks h sounds like Neil Finn. Whatever.) Thanks for being my new fave band, love you guys and what you do (although you'll never replace dear old loves Yes at the top spot. LOL) xo17 hours ago   ·  3
Michael Thompsonhoping for some samples/teasers for the cruise...22 hours ago   ·  2
Gary BlakeYou deserve the award, you put on a fantastic weekend show for us22 hours ago   ·  3
Tony WoodLook. I don't often say this sort of thing with such force. But for once., I will. YOU FUCKING DESERVED IT FOR THE MARILLION WEEKEND. I am so glad you got it. Yes, you were up against La Bush. Yes, you were up against King Crimson. BUT I've been seeing you buggers live as much as I can since 1985. I've not totted up the exact number, and probably wouldn't be able to, but it is in the hundreds. The 2 Marillion weekends I've been to have been certainly the most wonderful gig experiences of my life. I can't give higher praise than that.17 hours ago
David BourneMarillion thoroughly deserve to win. It would be a travesty if you did not. The Marillion weekends are fantastic (been to 3 so far)22 hours ago   ·  1
Tony FurmingerKeep it as M18 and open with a cover of Chris Rea's Road To Hull ;-)22 hours ago   ·  4
Paul Smithwell deserved award congratulations to all marillion and those behind the scenes6 hours ago
Petra ZeitzCongratulations on another award from a former press promoter17 hours ago
Peter CampbellI was at the UK weekend and it was amazing, you guys were really great....but I also saw the first Aylesbury King Crimson gig this year and they were mind-blowing. Had I not kept having a problem with my view being blocked by cameras in Wolverhampton you might've been my first place.21 hours ago
Paul JohnsonAye well done ...it was well deserved. The weekend was the best music event i have ever attended. :-) Chuffed for you.18 hours ago
Jos van ProoijenSo far the wait has always been worth it. However struggling and agonizing it may be. And we anoraks thrive on agony. Haha. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Holland.21 hours ago
Paul DaviesWell done guys and looking forward to the new songs x18 hours ago
Mike RanalloSo I guess we are even then as you guys NEVER let us down either. Looking forward to the 18th and beyond!20 hours ago
Kath LovesrickCan't wait to hear what you've come up with!41 minutes ago
Caroline LakerDon't forget however big you get that those who have always loved you want to be able to still afford to be there on your magical journey.xxxx19 hours ago
Gary GersonEverything, past, present and future is well deserved for you guys. Wonderful things happen to wonderful human beings, not to mention the extraordinary musicianship. How lucky we all are to have Marillion!21 hours ago
Jean-Marc FontaineAnd looking forward to receiving my M18 !!!21 hours ago   ·  1
Brian RussHard to believe the weekends were 5 months ago and I'm STILL buzzing from Montreal. Congratulations!!!19 hours ago
Carolien van GoethemNothing compares to the Marillion Weekends 😍22 hours ago   ·  8

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Join us on Twitter at 5.00pm UK time TODAY - where Mark Kelly will be answering as many of your questions as he can! @marilliononline
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Kasia PodwysockaPoland! Please, visit Poland! :]3 days ago   ·  1
Graça MarquesE Portugal ??!!!!:)3 days ago

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As highlighted in our press release yesterday, part of the funds raised from our new pre-order will be used to help us to tour more extensively next year. So then...we already have South America and North America in the pipeline for 2016 (dates will be announced soon), but where else should we come and play? Looking forward to reading your suggestions..... ... See moreSee less

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Javi TerrazasCHICAGO3 days ago   ·  5
Maly ReyesDon't forget Mexico City three dates at least, pleaseeee! :)3 days ago   ·  3
Brian ReynoldsOh God, all you people from the British isles, hop in a car, drive a few hundred kms and go see them.... How about us poor folks in Australia?3 days ago   ·  24
Graham JohnsonCornwall please. More specific than that would be Falmouth. Even more specific would be my back garden. Plenty of beer and crisps. Let me know coz I'll have to move the rotary line 😉3 days ago   ·  16
Carmen Julia QuinteroIf you are coming to this side of the world to play South and North America, why don't you take a small detour to Grand Cayman so you can unwind, relax and recharge batteries for the next leg of the Tour? (Just saying!)3 days ago   ·  3
Dave BrackenOk, you asked. I first saw Marillion in Dec 1982 in Nottingham Rock City and have seen them on almost ever tour bar one in the mid 90's for a shed load of years. I slept outside gig venues in the 80's in order to get a front row ticket much to the confusion of both my mum (when I didn't get home that night) and the Police (who were rather confused about the concept of a person sleeping bag outside a gig venue) and have travelled around the UK watching the band on numerous tours. My suggestion is simple one, please play a gig in the nearest city to me. Ok, I now live near Christchurch in New Zealand. I appreciate it's a tad off the beaten track but there is a good live music scene here, not as much as one would hope but ... How's about an acoustic tour of NZ? It's not that far from South America, well, ok, at least it's in the same hemisphere. Tell ya what, if you play Christchurch you can stay at my house and we'll sleep in tents in the garden (I'm clearly yet to pitch this to the rest of the family but not expecting any objections) and we'll drive ya to and from the gig venue. So, has any promoter suggested that so far? "No", didn't think so, so there ya are, as a good Mancunian would say "sorted".2 days ago   ·  1
Alan KerriganDublin please ! Have you forgotten all about us? It's been a while!3 days ago   ·  7
Denise Alvarez GutierrezBien lo mejor ,we are in Chile and listen to the song release ,please ,please.2 days ago
Pascal BatigneCome back to the south of France ! Please !3 days ago   ·  2
Allan CoullA few Scottish dates please 😀3 days ago   ·  9
Jeff WillisonWow I have been a loyal fan for over 35 years and attended only one concert for the Childhood tour in Los Angeles..please come back hete again on a Saturday or Sunday and I am there to see you once again.3 days ago
John SandersMay not be quite as exotic as some of the suggestions but Nottingham or Derby please! 😊3 days ago
Julian SteelWould be great to see you back at the LCR at UEA Norwich. Just been refurbished. The Brave tour was a fantastic evening I will never forget.3 days ago   ·  1
Mike RanalloThanks guys for the opportunity to pre-order. Just finalized mine from the U.S.A. (Signed edition with name in credits 😀.) Locations you ask? I will go to every show you can manage between New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. A private party at my home would be great too! 😁 Hope to see you all in 2016!24 hours ago
Tobbe LindqvistPeo Svärdhed - Vad tror du, skulle Flygeln eller Värmekyrkan kunna passa? In Norrköping, Sweden, there are two venues that's brilliant "Flygeln" and "Värmekyrkan", www.louisdegeer.se. Why not skip the regular club gigs in Stockholm and/or Malmoe and set up a proper show in one of these, real music venues situated in old industrial buildings with excellent sound. Capacity approx. 1500 people.3 days ago   ·  5
Rachel MorrisPleeeeeease come back to the West Country and play at the O2 Academy or similar in Bristol? Boston, Massachusetts would also be rather sweet!!20 hours ago
Neil DeRosaIf you come to Boston, not The Paradise rock club! Although it was amazing seeing you for the first time when you came a few years go, the club is a nightmare. A new venue opened in Cambridge called The Sinclair. Work looking into! Can't wait till you come back to North America! :) <33 days ago
Derwin McfarlandBelfast or/and Dublin !!3 days ago   ·  8
Pete Worsleya wider range of dates in britain so we dont have to travel for so much to see you,2 days ago
Robert HowieNorth America. This is good news. There is hope yet again for me to at last see my favorite band.3 days ago
Anha ChmagaParis please for the opening of the Élysée Montmartre in 2016 !!!3 days ago   ·  3
Phil Yatesooh! please consider coming to play in Munich!3 days ago   ·  1
Ralph PischekCaracas is in the tour?3 days ago   ·  1
Ser ServigescomCome on to Chile ...again , see you soon great band3 days ago   ·  1
Richard AllenWhile in North America, consider the southeast. Atlanta gave you a resounding welcome last time. Unfortunately the last time was Seasons End!3 days ago   ·  1

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