“Sweet or bitter in the memory, But an echo is all, all I can reach now...”Wrapped Up in Time
25 May 2015
Status // Rehearsing/ Writing
Electric and Acoustic Guitars

Joined Marillion (originally 'Silmarillion')
19 August 1979

Born 25 November 1959, Brampton, England

Steve Rothery uses Laney Amplification

Laney VC50 & TT50 Heads

Laney 4x12 cabinet

Groove Tubes Dual 75 power amp

Groove Tubes Trio valve pre-amp

Roland Jazz Chorus 120 Amp

TC Electronic 2290 effects processor

Ground Control Pro MIDI foot controller

Lexicon MPX G2 effects processor

Roland GP16 effects processor

Adrena-Linn effects processor

Analogman distortion pedal

Rockman sustainer/stereo chorus & delay

Sound Sculpture switchblade 16 controller

Alesis quadraverb effects processor

Ebtech hum eliminator

Sennheiser wireless system

Hughes and Kettner Rotosphere

Jim Dunlop Crybaby Wah

Ernie Ball volume pedal

Ernie Ball super slinky 9-42 strings

Blade RH4 Classic Stratocaster

Blade Delta Telecaster

Blade Texas Standard Stratocaster

Steinberger Custom made double neck 12/6

Takamine 12 string acoustic

Takamine Santa Fe 6 string acoustic

Squier Stratocaster

Khaler Pro Tremolo System

Lindy Fralin Pickups

Marillion use "Ultimate Ears" in-ear speaker technology for live monitoring.

Most Recent Solo Release
'Ostara' is the second studio album from The Wishing Tree.
10 years after the debut release Carnival Of Souls, this follow-up was released in March 2009. Written and recorded in opposite corners of the world, the songs of Ostara were born in two places: Hannah's log cabin at the foot of a mountain in California and Steve's home studio in rural Buckinghamshire, England.
With help from Marillion co-lyricist John Helmer, Pete Trewavas, drummer Paul Craddick and singer Hannah Stobart, Steve released his first solo CD in 1996: The Wishing Tree's album Carnival of Souls. This album was re-issued in 2001 with new artwork and an enhanced portion featuring rare Wishing Tree video and sound clips.

Over 10 years on, the follow-up album Ostara is released on 23 March 2009

Steve continues to compile photographs of life with Marillion from his personal collection for publication in a book. At this time, there is no definite plan for release, but his Postcards from the Road website features a small selection. Steve comments, "Marillion is my first priority!"

Steve also frequently moonlights as guitarist with blues band Stranger by the Minute.