LYRICS - Asphyxiation


Submerged down below underneath this undertow
Always supposed to be where you live now thrive dwell
Dragging me down into yet un-chartered waters
Lost in this tidal zone the airway dissipates
Feed on what is left
Feeding on the depths of my soul
Fighting for one last breath
Drifting out to the edge of my world
Out of sight out of mind
Washed away with the tide til there's nothing left to remain...
Of what i was

Grains of sand from the edges of the sea
Brought back from her deep
Ocean filling heart lungs throat heavy and dense breathing viscosity last trace of oxygen last pulse of energy
Breath that one last breath
Pressure continues to grow
Colors they dissolve and fade down to the depths of this deepest underworld
Hold on as long as i can
Before the darkness began til there's nothing left to remain
Of who i was
Til the storm took away who i was...
Til the surge washed away who i was

...Til there's nothing left to remain
Of what i was...