Marillion Weekend 2009 Montreal // 3 April - 5 April 2009

3 April 2009
L'Olympia, Montreal, Canada
The King Of Sunset Town
The Uninvited Guest
Seasons End
Holloway Girl
After Me
Hooks In You
The Space
The Bell in the Sea
The Release
The Man from the Planet Marzipan
Asylum Satellite #1
Whatever is Wrong With You
Happiness is the Road
4 April 2009
L'Olympia, Montreal, Canada
This Train is My Life
Somewhere Else
Real Tears for Sale
A State of Mind
The Damage
Fantastic Place
When I Meet God
Map of the World
A Legacy
Cathedral Wall
Afraid of Sunlight
Out of This World
The Great Escape
No One Can
The Party
Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)
Slainte Mhath
Garden Party
5 April 2009
L'Olympia, Montreal, Canada
A Few Words for the Dead
This Town
The Rakes Progress
100 Nights
This is the 21st Century
Ocean Cloud
If My Heart were a Ball It would Roll Uphill
Interior Lulu
Heart of Lothian
The Invisible Man
This Strange Engine