9 June 2006
Weekend Housekeeping
Hello all - summer has finally arrived and it is now less than 9 months until the Marillion Weekend 2007. With over 2500 bookings and 30 countries represented so far, next year's Marillion Weekend is shaping up to be the biggest and best ever. Keep an eye on www.marillionweekend.com for more details of events planned and all information updates.
Thanks to all of you who have written to us offering to share your accomodation - this is very kind of you and has freed up some more spaces, so thank you. We still need some more volunteers, especially if you have booked a 4 berth but would be willing to go up to a 6 berth and share, please contact convention@marillionweekend.com.
We have been inundated with people writing to us to ask if spaces are still available - YES! There are plenty, so please keep those bookings coming! Don't worry - we will let you all know when space is 'officially' running out.
We also have a few 'housekeeping' issues we need to bring to your attention, so please read carefully.
As more and more of you are finalising your travel plans if you have booked an airport shuttle we need you to send us your flight details as soon as possible. If you haven't requested a shuttle transfer from/to Amsterdam (Schipol) or Rotterdam airports then it is not too late to do so, just email convention@marillionweekend.com. However, if you do not request a coach before 31st December 2006 then we will be unable to accommodate your request. Even if you haven't booked your flights yet but know you will be needing transport to the park then please email us to book a coach, you can add your flight details at a later stage.
For EVERYONE apart from Dutch nationals, we need you to email/fax us the passport number only for every member of the party. Full passport scans are not necessary, just the passport numbers.
Finally, please check your bookings to make sure that if your credit card expires before November 2006, you send us the new details as soon as possible. Please email convention@marillionweekend.com for confirmation of how to do this.
Thanks in advance for all your help.
Lucy and Stephanie