10 April 2001
Breathe In, Breathe Out
Racket Club Studio Update :

Talk about stress! 13,000 is not a small number, no matter what you're dealing with! So trying to coordinate 5 separate companies to produce CDs, packaging, printing, and shipping isn't a small task. Over the past few months getting everything into place to make sure the pre-orders hit doorsteps before the release date has been, to say the least, hectic. But now everything is shipped off and all we can do is wait!
Meanwhile, things have finally calmed down in the studio - apart from tour meetings, interviews, frantically compiling the AOS demo tapes... well maybe 'calmed down' is a bit of a misnomer! We've cleared out all the junk that's built up over 5 years at the racket club, built a new wall and packaging centre for the ever-expanding Racket Records, AND got a new killer fax machine that even makes the coffee and does the bills! (If only...)

New merchandise has been approved and is being manufactured, the band is rehearsing for the tour... everyone is in 'hurry up and wait' mode for the tour and release of the album. And then I realised it was less than a month before the album is out, and was only just starting on the new website! At the moment I'm putting the finishing touches on this, the new site, and constantly checking outside to see if it's raining 'cause my wash is on the line!
Deep breaths... I keep telling myself that, and it seems to be working. Now if I could only move past breathing and remember to eat as well!

Photos were taken March/April 2001 by Erik Nielsen and Colin Price:
Colin and Stewart build a new wall
The lounge becomes a temporary storage area
Colin gets to work packing Anoraknophobia pre-orders
Just a tiny fraction of the total number of pre-orders!
The band meeting before the album's release, and upcoming tour
Colin has a conversation with our very pleasant new fax machine.