28 February 2006
March Madness
Good Morning to all.
We said February 2006 for the release of the 'Colours and Sound' Documentary DVD and 'Unzipped: The Making of Anoraknophobia' CD and we're keeping our promise (albeit very close to the wire...)
'Colours and Sound' is a feature-length behind-the-scenes documentary following the band and crew during the release of 'Marbles' and the first leg of the 2004 Marbles World Tour. With over 6 hours of extras on 2 DVDs, you can really experience what it's like to be on the road with Marillion.
5 years after the release of 'Anoraknophobia' we're providing the next in our popular 'Making of' series of albums with 'Unzipped: The Making of Anoraknophobia.' As with the previous releases, this set features 1CD of album demos, and a second CD of writing clips and musical sketches.
These 2 new releases are now IN STOCK and on sale... If you order today we hope to start SHIPPING today! How's THAT for service. Visit www.marillion.com/shop to order.
...And to make it even better, for the ENTIRE month of March, we will be having a MASSIVE sale on almost EVERYTHING at Racket Records. Up to 70% off all our stock, including EMI Remasters and DVDs, Racket Records CDs and DVDs, t-shirts and clothing, special merchandise, solo projects and outside artists, and Front Row Club membership. There's just too much on sale to go into all the detail here, but check out www.marillion.com/shop for all our offers.
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