26 March 2019
Marillion Weekend 2019 - Port Zelande
26th March 2019 - Marillion Weekend 2019 - Port Zelande

On our return home, before we go and lie down, we’d like to thank all who attended our 7th Convention and shared in another (some said the best ever) weekend in Port Zelande.

We had a great time, swap-the-band was brilliant (well done Martin) and I wore some great jackets.

Yodelling with Thijs van Leer was another tick on the bucket list.

No one ran under a truck or fell off a stage either!

Thanks to all who made it possible - Lucy, Stephanie, Rich, Mark, Mike H, the designers, movie-makers, merch-sellers, the BEST road crew, and all the staff at Center Parcs.

But most of all, thank you again if you bought a ticket and made the journey from your home country to spend the weekend with YOUR global family.

Bugger walls, bugger division, you’re with us now.

One soul. One mind. One Heart.

Hugs all,

h Pete Steve Mark Ian