3 January 2019
Happy New Year
3rd January 2019 - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Folks!

First of all, MANY THANKS to all who donated to Sounds of Change enabling the campaign to reach beyond €5000 (€4000 was the total originally hoped for).

This money will be doubled to €10,000 to provide training for teachers in Bethlehem with music therapy techniques.

We never doubted you but we are nonetheless grateful. If you haven’t donated, there’s still time and any amount helps, no matter how small - please CLICK HERE for details.

Could we also bring your attention to another little thing going on into the new year?

It won’t cost you any money!

Would you please CLICK HERE and vote for our friend Bill Smith’s Bluebird K7 for The Classic Boat Award 2019 (restored Powered Vessel under 40 ft).

As I’m sure you know this is the very machine Donald Campbell broke the world water speed record with before dying tragically on Coniston Water, Lake District in 1967.

Bill Smith, having heard Marillion’s song “Out of this World” spent some years searching for and successfully finding the Bluebird K7 and Donald’s remains at the bottom of the lake in 2001.

Bill spent more than a decade restoring Bluebird to fully-operational condition and successfully returned her to the water on the Isle of Bute in 2018 where she was run up to a speed of 157 mph.

Please vote for the Bluebird K7 as Classic Boat Magazine’s award for the outstanding restoration of a powered water vessel.

Let’s win an award for the Bluebird and for Bill Smith!

h, Ian, Mark, Pete and Steve