26 April 2013
h Lyrics Charity Auction

How would you like to get your hands on the lyrics to "Neverland", "Easter", "Sounds That Can't Be Made" or any other Steve Hogarth-penned song, handwritten and signed by Mr h himself and framed? Marillion fans Fabian and Genevieve Vinet will later this year be walking 50km within a twelve-hour period in aid of both Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Children's Ward at Gibraltar's Saint Bernard's Hospital. Steve Hogarth has offered to help by donating three of his lyrics, to be chosen by the three highest bidders of a special auction. Each of the three winning bidders will be able to choose the lyrics to one song, which h will then handwrite, sign and frame. In addition, Marillion are donating one copy of the deluxe version of "Sounds That Can't Be Made", signed by all five members of the band.

Fabian has explained how this all came about: "I contacted the band's co-manager, Lucy Jordache, asking for the band to provide a signed CD to auction and she immediately agreed, for which I'm very grateful, but a few days later Steve called and without any prompting from me said he would also personally handwrite any three lyrics of his songs, allowing the three highest bidders to each choose the lyrics to any one of his songs, which he would then sign and frame. The availability of these much sought-after and unique items of memorabilia could potentially raise thousands of pounds for the Rainbow Ward at Saint Bernard's and Great Ormond Street Hospital which as everyone knows has performed many miracles and helped a great number of children. Steve's offer is an act of selfless, gracious generosity that I am particularly grateful for and touched by."

The deadline for the auction was originally to have been Tuesday 30th April, but this has now been extended until Friday 3rd May, 5pm UK time. Serious offers should be sent by e-mail to fjvinet@gmail.com with the subject line 'Marillion Auction', specifying which item is being bid for and the amount, as well as full name and contact details. Fabian will provide updates on how the bidding is progressing via hisTwitter account @fabianvinet and on the Marillion Online Forum.