15 January 2001
It's My Birthday
Band Member Journal : 

As some of you will already know I am recording a second Transatlantic album with the same line-up as before, and it is very exciting. We have given ourselves a few days more preparation this time around, and it has paid off. We have been in a studio in Nashville, called Dark Horse, which is very cool and is some kind of cross between the Adams Family house and an old fort, if you can picture that.
We have been here for four days recording and have the drums on two 25-minute pieces, and the bass overdubs on one of them. Today will be day five of recording - and when I say recording, we have two videos going nearly all the time, a DAT, and the digital Radar recording machine, so it should be well documented!
And don't think I have forgotten about Marillion! I have been listening to finished mixes that Dave gave me before I went away, and they sound great. I have been talking to Mark and Steve R already today. I miss home, especially as today is my birthday, and here I am writing to you. I could probably do with a break, as working with such a short time frame with Transatlantic means it does get pretty intense at times. We haven't fallen out yet and are able to make fun of ourselves as we play through these huge melodies and overblown solos. It does sound great though.
Well back to the land of gray and pink for I think...