15 January 2013
Edison's Children Signed EP Single

"As it’s my birthday today, I thought I’d offer you all a little treat – I have a limited number of the Edison’s Children single EP, A Million Miles Away (I wish I had a time machine...) which are all signed by myself & Eric."

PLEASE NOTE: (Added May 2013) All of the signed copies are now sold out, any new orders for this release will be unsigned.

A Million Miles Away is an EP single featuring 4 brand new Edison's Children tracks. The Title track is taken from the album 'In the last Waking Moments' released in 2012.

1. A Million Miles Away (I Wish I Had A Time Machine) - Single Edit
2. Spiraling
3. Haunted Memories 
4. Fallout (Of the 5th Kind)
5. Dusk (The Rising)
6. A Moment of Zen
7. A Million Miles Away (I WIsh I Had A Time Machine) - Album Edit