14 April 2010
Marillion Weekends 2011
We are pleased to announce that once again we will be holding TWO Marillion Weekends in 2011. The first will be at CenterParcs Port Zelande, Holland on Fri 25th - Mon 28th March and after that we will be returning to Montreal from Friday 8th until Sunday 10th April.
To carry on a tradition and to celebrate 20 years since its release, we will be performing the whole of the Holidays In Eden album on the Friday nights at both Weekends. Saturday and Sunday nights are still in the planning stage but rest assured we will be putting together two interesting shows.
If you've never been to a Marillion Weekend before and want to find out what you've been missing then check out Tumbling Down the Years and Size Matters, the new CDs recorded on the Saturday and Sunday Nights in Holland 2009. These are available now. 'Out Of Season', a DVD box set containing the whole of the Marillion Weekend in Holland 2009, is also available to pre-order from the Racket Store. www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYMGJt5bv7E
If all that has whet your appetite for great music and great company next year check out the Marillion Weekend website for full details of the Weekends - past and future. www.marillionweekend.com
Join our online forum at www.marillion.com/forum to chat to other fans about the weekends and you'll see that they are nothing to be scared of - just 3000 people all out to have fun!
We look forward to spending quality time with the family again...
Ian, Pete, Steve, h and Mark