30 November 2001
Off In All Directions
Racket Club Studio Update : 
Now that the website has been fully overhauled by Erik I figured it was time for an studio journal update to round off the year. Dave Meegan is back behind the controls in the control room working his magic on the forthcoming live album which also means that the air is full of joss-stick fumes and aromatic candles, essential for good karma! Also, we heard the sad news of George Harrison's death today so out came 'Revolver' and other classics so we are feeling very 'Mystical' today.
Stewart has been arriving at the studio at 5.30am most days (the man is quite mad...it's official) and has been putting together a special treat ready for the H band shows in January. I can't say what it is...you'll have to come to the shows to find out!
Pete is finally back from his tour with Transatlantic which went really well. He has now been seen taking equipment home with him and is being very secretive in his garden shed! Hmmmmm...I wonder if he's building a blimp!
Rothers has been re-constructing his old guitar rack full of vintage pedals and amps which have been collecting dust in the racket attic.
Mark has finished building his home studio (his neighbours will probably move out soon!) and has mixed the latest Marillion Christmas song which is available on the new fan club CD. Could we finally see the legendary Kelly solo album soon?!?
H is organising the band and songs for his January shows. Rehearsals will start soon here at Racket...I'd better make sure that we have enough coffee and biscuits for everyone!
Ian has been fighting the latest computer viruses (thanks Lucy!) which have settled in to his new PC. I have supplied him with an Anti-Virus CD-ROM as his 'Baseball Bat' method of sorting out the PC does not seem to be working.
Have a nice Christmas.