LYRICS - Power

1211 MUSIC
Hogarth | Kelly | Mosley | Rothery | Trewavas

You carry me around
Like loose change jingle-jangling
At the bottom of your bag
You don't seem to feel it though
As you swing down the street
Walking that unique birthday-candle glow
In broad daylight
In broad daylight
And you don't even know.. the way I love you

You never knew power, did you?
Y'thought that power was in a strong arm
People passing laws and gold
Tsunamis and Mushroom Clouds

Oh babe that's nothing..

You think it's kinda sweet
The stammer and the tremble in my voice
But don't mistake it for weakness
Or some kind of incompleteness
Cause round about now
I can feel it tingle-tangling
It's coiled up inside me
And it's ready to blow..

You never knew power, did you?
Y'thought it fizzed in the overhead lines
Burning steel and bone to carbon
Saturn 5 in vertical climb

You never knew power, did you?
'thought it roared like Niagara Falls
Or melted stone under volcanoes
Earthquake-thunder lightning-storms

The way I love you
It's something you don't understand
The way I love you
Took more than I could imagine, even now
You never knew power
All the time you felt so strong
But now you can't function awake or asleep
As the meaningless world falls away from your feet
And the universe ceases it's light-speed retreat
Life was sweet in the meteor-shower
Of the star-high divine
When you sparkled and fell
From heaven to hell

And ten years grinding by in every hour
I know all about power

Listen to the rain
You might feel a tremble
You might feel it