LYRICS - Beaujolais Day

| Kelly | Mosley | Rothery | Trewavas

I went to Morisson's grave at Pere Lachaise cemetery
The stony flowers and the matching graffiti were guiding me
To the steps inside of me

And what would you do if I got down on my knees to you
What would you do if I lied to your face
Could you still hold your dreams
Could you live with your silent face

So what would you do would you walk right through me
Would you stand in the way like the others before
Get in the way
Would you drink to me next Beaujolais day

Tell me the truth save a prayer for me
I would love to leave you but you would cry all night long
Eternal romantic victory failed on Beaujolais day

I heard a wheelchair whisper across a stale silent gymnasium
Trailing an ivy league jacket like a matador
Through the jitterbug steps of the night before

Through the chalk white chill and the tear fandango
Heading away to the inner wrangle
Do we cry for a cell
Do we need for a cell

What would you do would you cry for me
Could you set off ... could we go gently
Blame it away
Do you really want to head for the open door

Got to crack a bottle while you dream for me
Just an absent friend and a misery
Laying awake do we stay right there
'Till Beaujolais day

On Beaujolais day
So what would you do would you lie to me
Would you sit right back in a victory
Would you play for me
Could you die for me

So what would you do would you walk right through me
Heading away saying it's just another victory
This is Beaujolais day