LYRICS - Quartz (Acoustic Version)

Hogarth | Kelly | Mosley | Rothery | Trewavas

I can imagine nothing more tedious
Than trying to have fun with you again
Maybe it's just something in my mind
But I hate feeling like I'm trying all the time
It's a kind of lie
When we pretend that we're still friends

And every time I smile d'you wonder if I'm laughin' at you?
And with every little grin you don't want to be wonderin'
Just exactly what it is I'm taking pleasure in

Although I always said
We were basically the same and all one
All one
It's so easy to persuade myself
That I'm clockwork and you're quartz
I'm clockwork and you're quartz

You're only happy when you're oiled and jewelled
You're only happy when you wind me up
And I know You're so reliable it isn't true
And it's so easy for me to break down
If I could jump a ride between the skin and silicon then
We could join hands and understand. Hallelujah!
But I listen
to the ticking
I guess we're worlds apart ...
It's so hard
So hard
So hard