LYRICS - The Confluence


She started out at dusk for several weeks trawling out at sea
Hoping to keep at bay those would repossess her keep
It was a desert on the reach for nearly a season’s time
The Andrea his only love had fallen several monthly payments behind

All he needed was a lucky break
To stop the debtors encroaching calls
But you can’t expect a man to eat
Based solely on the luck of the draw
He was enchanted by the sea as a child
Back when his father still influenced his mind
He said the man with the roughest hands...
He will be the one who will best provide

So he sailed off to the reach
On an angry sea of darkening clouds
For that once in a lifetime catch
Hoping to make his father proud
It was the perfect confluence
As the nor'easter drove up the coast
Merging with the mighty eastern front
Forming the perfect holy ghost

It was the best catch of his life
And as the Gale finally took its toll
The Andrea was lost in the night...

The sea gives up what she will
So go and catch your fill
But prepared to her debt
Sometimes with her strife ... sometimes with your life...

The lighthouse guided his way
A foghorn blared its siren's song
A sudden quiet fell upon the sea
As she sailed out into the dead calm
You can take from her keep
But be prepared to pay the toll
As he sailed into the disturbance fields
The sea claimed yet another salty soul
Her briny deep may bring the perfect peace
But when you cross the autumn equinox
From the angel will suddenly emerge the BEAST