LYRICS - Indigenous


The sun will rise and with the wicked rain will come
Purging from the earth those who have taken from her bosom
At moonlight the wolves cry as the rain turns to hail
Battering every home Battering every sail
You take from mother earth you give back in its place
You take from the soil you grow that which will sustain
Our people will survive for the respect we give her lands
Our people will thrive knowing that it is she who commands,
Without the goddess of the sun the crops will never grow
Without the goddess of the rain the waters will not flow
Without respect for what our Mother Earth gives our tribe
Without love for her gifts our people will not survive.
A lesson is to be learned as you have forsaken her gift of life.
A time has come to burn everything you have built with all your strife
And when the darkness falls your blood will fill the grass
And when the darkness falls you will understand the power
of her wrath...
Run if you need to - Hide if you have to - Say what you want to
To save your life
Do what you have to - Cry if you need to - Don't let it beat you
To save your life... For your life...